Metal Building Structures and Roofing

When planning for your metal building, it is crucial to consider the type of roof the structure will have. The roof is an extremely important aspect of any steel structure, as the roof’s design affects the cost, the amount of interior space, energy performance and the aesthetics of your building. There are several options in roof shape, finish and accessories that must be considered.

The Shape of your Metal Building

The overall design of your building will determine the shape of the structure’s roof. If you are purchasing an arched building, the building’s roof will also be arched. Structures with straight walls will consist of a roof of flat panels.

Straight Walls

Straight wall metal buildings provide excellent support and endurance while maintaining a more traditional appearance. Depending on the structure itself, roofs can consist of two straight panels on either side which meet at a peak in the center of the building, or a sloped roof consisting of one straight panel in an upward slop across the entirety of the building.

Roofing for Your Metal Building

Roof Pitch

Flat paneled roofs offer the ability to select the desired pitch, or degree of slope that the roof has. Roof pitch is defined as a ratio, comparing the vertical height of the roof in inches for every 12 inches the roof runs horizontally. For instance, a roof pitch of 4:12 means the pitch of the roof rises 4 inches for every foot it runs horizontally.

Higher-pitched buildings usually blend in more with the surrounding residential and office buildings and may be an ideal option for steel homes. They also increase the maximum clearance of your metal building, which creates more interior space. If you are looking for additional storage in the eaves of your building, a higher-pitched roof is a great choice. A higher sloping roof helps disperse heat within the building to help keep temperatures low if your building will exist in a warmer climate, or will not have air conditioning.

Lower-pitched roofs are great if you don’t need high clearance, or additional space up high. Less steep roofs will decrease the total interior cubic footage, making it faster and more cost effective to heat and cool your metal building. Oftentimes, low-pitched roofs are less visible to those on the ground and surrounding buildings, decreasing the need for expensive paint finishes on your building’s roof.

Roof Finishes

As stated above, the visibility of your roof may affect the finish you choose. The majority of steel metal buildings come with standard roofing, consisting of steel sheeting. This protective coat of this sheeting is specifically design to handle the most extreme conditions, including inclement weather such as storms, rain and sleet as well as consistent exposure to heat and sun. Since the coat is clear, the silver steel underneath is visible on the roof.

If you are looking to make cosmetic alterations to your building, there are several paint color options for your roof. Painted roof panels are often aesthetically preferable as they appear more finished, and blend in better with surrounding structures. DDM Buildings offers a wide range of color options.


These are just a few important factors to keep in mind when purchasing a metal building. Don’t hesitate to contact us here at DDM Buildings with the link below for more information!



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