Benefits and Applications of Square Tubing

Square tubing is commonly used in industrial and domestic settings because of the numerous benefits it provides. Industries value square tubing for its strength and ability to withstand extremes of temperature, pressure and destructive elements. In domestic settings, square tubes are used in appliances, pipes and fencing. Here are just a few of the many benefits and applications of square tubing.

Benefits of Square Tubing


In addition to its mechanical properties, square tubing contains uniform wall thickness and concentricity.


Cold forming allows square tubing to have a higher yield and tensile strength that the steel from which it is made. This makes the material able to withstand extreme temperatures, pressures and destructive elements.


Square tubing undergoes less processing that other types of mechanical tubing, so it can provide cost advantages for less-demanding applications.

Wide Range in Sizes

Square tubing is available in an exceptionally broad range of OD and wall thickness dimensions. This makes it suitable to various applications and needs.

Applications of Square Tubing

Square tubing is commonly used as a railing along staircases. However, it is also used in other, less obvious ways as well. From being used for fencing around yards to structures of buildings, as well as entry gates and entrances, a wide variety of applications are solved by steel square tubing.


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